YWAM Paris Projects

Art & Food DTS

The Discipleship Training School is a six-month program to help you grow in your understanding and relationship with God and train you to impact the world around you in a relevant way.

Three months of theory with teachings on God’s character, intercession, mission, evangelism, discipleship, relationships and more. A time to discover God in a deeper way and enjoy community life. Three months of outreach in the French world to put in action what has been learned and to experience the heart of God for the Nations.

Our DTS will be infused with teaching on French history and culture high lighted with times of artistic expression, so bring your paint brushes, your musical instrument and your favorite cookbook!

September 2016
For ages 18 - 25
Classes will be in French and English
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Urban Niko

Cities are a wonderful training place where we are challenged, tested and sometimes overwhelmed, still millions of people flock from the whole world in hope of a better life. Can we still ignore them?

Even if we live far from cities we are actively influenced by them. Laws, ways of life, cultures are created and broad casted by cities. We live in an urban age!

The Urban Niko is made for those who desire to know the heart of God for the people in cities, see the city life differently or get involved in a city. The urban Niko is a good start to see cities through a different lens.

For 18 and +
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